Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super Holiday Present

So... the 2010 Holiday season is over and it seems that I might have done something good last year :D
First of all, shortly after starting this blog with Zero my Canon Powershot G3 died somewhere between Florida and San Antonio TX.
We went on a trip to Six Flags a week before Halloween and when I took out the camera to shoot some pictures of the park I noticed every single shot I took was somehow.. completely... white.. at first I thought I must have set something wrong so I started messing with the configuration and since nothing was fixing the problem I switched to the old trusty Auto mode but to my surprise nothing happened... after a while I found out the diaphragm was no longer closing correctly causing every photo to be over exposed.
Being and old camera from 2002 with very low specs for today's standards (4 megapixels) I did not even tried to check how much would it cost to fix it, I have the feeling that it would be cheaper to buy a new point and shot with higher resolution (which we already had).
Well that was it for me and my photography hobby, I tried using the point and shoot a few times but the camera was doing it's stuff and the results were not what I wanted..

Goodbye old friend
Fast forward to Dec 2010, I got a very very very interesting present courtesy of my parents, a new DSLR that would help me continue with Photography.. I'm very exited with the new gear and I will be trying to make the most out of the camera, although in this case the issue is the other way around, the photographer might not be good enough but I'll try to change that.

Xmas & more present
I had to by a few things for the camera, a new bag, a lens hood and a filter but that's the way things are; I still need to get a new tripod, my old one is not made for a heavy camera and maybe a lens or two, if Zero is right this might be the beginning of an spending spree. hehehe..


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