Monday, January 24, 2011

Carnival times past

Hidden, originally uploaded by ZERO CEM.

On November 2010 I was in Florida for work reasons and I was on my way back from my usual sunrise sessions I sneaked in before going to the office when I noticed the carnival setting up and not just any carnival, but the nation’s largest traveling carnival: Reithoffer Shows.

I obviously got excited thinking of the opportunity to shoot something different than the beach while in Fl, but then I noticed the dates and my excitement turned to disappointment: The carnival's first day was the afternoon when I had to head back home. Bummer right? Well, not entirely.

I thought to myself: I might not be able to come when it's open, but I might be able to take some shots from the street. So I went there the night before I was meant to go, I parked on the parking lot, got my gear and... well, I noticed there were no fences, no entrance, no gate, no "no trespassing" sign...

So... I started to get close... slowly at first, I took some shots from the parking lot (this included), then a little closer, a little more... until I found myself in front of the ferris wheel. Then I started wandering about (not to far though) and I started to enjoy the advantages of being on the Carnival when it's "off duty".

I wasn't alone though. I never really asked who they were, but I saw some people walking around as well. Most of them ignored me, but three guys (separately) walked up to me to ask what I was up to, and I explained all three how I was there for work reasons and I had to go back before the carnival opened but I didn't wanted to miss it so, I at least took a look at the carnival one night before.

In a way, I think it worked out wonderfully. I got to photograph a carnival in a way I'm not used to seeing it. And it wet my appetite for carnivals so I ended up looking up a local carnival in Houston to which I could go while it was open so I got both points of view.

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