Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to rock!

Here we go, originally uploaded by ZERO CEM.
I just got my tickets for the Linkin Park concert on the mail today! Granted, they might not be the best tickets you could find (as a matter of fact they were the cheapest tickets I could find), but let's just say that when I realized the concert date and when the tickets went on sale I got really happy about still finding this tickets.

This will actually be my first mayor concert, and by that I mean in a big venue (like the Toyota Center). I've been to some concerts here and there, but they were usually on more modest locations (and they were not for a band like Linkin Park!!) so I am pretty excited about having the chance to go.

I'm hesitant about checking the camera policy for the Toyota Center since I think it will be just deluding myself to think that as far as I'll be from the stage, as dark as it'll be and with the energy, excitement and... well, the crowd from the concert I could capture any photos worth posting but... still, even if it's just with a point and shoot I'll try to get some pics to capture the moment.

I know I've seen some articles on DPS (Digital Photography School) about taking pics of bands during a concert but... I won't be reading them for this concert. I do believe the chances of me getting some sort of upgrade to a seat that might get me close enough to the action are astronomically small... but I still have my hopes though =)

Keep on rockin'!!

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