Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where to now?

Where to now?, originally uploaded by ZERO CEM.

Boy, t feels like weeks since I last blogged... maybe because it's been. Work has been crazy lately, and I've been going out to shoot on weekends so no time for blogging... until now. This entry is about the last days of Forbidden Gardens.

The museum is already closed at this point, and last weekend they had a sale on the items from their exhibits. Pictured here is the almost empty pit from some of the terracota warriors that were for sale.

It was really a sight. People coming out of the museum carrying building replicas, huge soldiers, U-hauls being filled with multiple statues, and a waiting line so long it merit a panoramic made.

I got there early on Saturday to try to get a soldier for myself, and after about and hour and a half waiting in line and another hour to find the best pieces and pay; I ended up owner of two soldiers and two soldier heads as souvenirs.

On sunday, I made a last visit just to get a last look at how the place was and... for the hype and line I had to go through on Saturday, I was surprised there were so many soldiers still, though I believe many of them were stuck to the ground so they couldn't be moved.

What will happen with Forbidden Gardens and the leftovers now? I've no idea. There have been no announcements, and from what I could see, there are still plenty of items left with a deadline to get the place cleared just around the corner so I guess I'll find out later if it was bulldozed over or whatever happened.

For my part, I got a couple of keepsakes to remind me of the lost museum:
The spoils

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