Friday, March 25, 2011

Published at last!

Forbidden love, originally uploaded by ZERO CEM.

I remember a couple of weeks ago I was contacted about giving some of my photos from the dress rehearsal of "Don Carlo" a performance of "Opera in the Heights" and I agreed hoping to be published at least electronically.

This past Monday and Tuesday, the dress rehearsals for the new performance from Opera in the Heights (The Pearl Fishers) took place, and one of my photos has already made it into a review of the Opera!

That reminded me of the photos I've sent for the soprano singer from Don Carlo (Emily Newton) so I went to her page and sure enough there are three of my photos published in her gallery along with the corresponding attributions so I couldn't be happier (well, probably I could be if I had made some money out of this but, this is happy enough for an amateur =D).

By the way, the opera "Pearl fishers" was really good. The opera by Georges Bizet, the great performances by the singers and the bright colors from the stage and the costumes all work together to make it a great season closer for Opera in the Heights.

If you are in Houston (or can get here before April 3rd) and like Opera -or at least are curious enough to try it for the first time- I would really recommend going to this show.

More information on tickets and performance times can be obtained at the Opera in the Heights website.

Just in case you missed the links above, here are the links to the pages I have photos published (they say if you're going to do flagrant self promotion you should do it right):

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