Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pictures... soooo many pictures

OK, so this doesn't necessarily needs to be a bad thing but... I kinda filled the hard drive on my computer with the photos of the last sunrise I took (with intention of making a stop-motion movie... it's not THE nicest sunrise I had but... I think the wind and the clouds really helped... here's a sneak peak:

Therefore pretty much all my efforts are concentrated in cleaning up my photo collection before shooting and posting more (which hope will be soon, or I might go out and shoot and then I'll really get in trouble when it's time to post-process).

As a reference, I decided to use the bucket system, featured at the Digital Photography School (a very good site to have in your bookmarks or RSS feed if you don't have it already) so it might not be to surprising that I might be reviewing some old pics and featuring them here in a future post (if I'm not to busy with more current pics). Also... I should consider rethinking the whole process I use to work with my photos after taking them (my workflow)... I'm guessing my process of "keep every single photo, even those that are out of focus or those that you will easily forget you took" might not be so ideal.....

'Till next time,

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