Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keep and open mind

Lately I’ve been not so lucky with the weather when I have a chance to go out to take some pics. At first, it didn’t stopped me. Taking pics surrounded by thunderstorm clouds in the middle of the beach with my tripod seemed like a great idea as long as water wouldn’t touch my camera (as seen below):

Then I somehow started getting lectures from friends and family saying that it was extremely dangerous to be outside during a thunderstorm and I should stop it so, naturally, I didn't believed them and I conducted my own online search to prove them that it was ok. But I was wrong.

Turns out there’s a lot of things to consider with thunderstorms (like the fact that a lightning can even strike you if there are blue skies over you), I've added a few links at the end of this post in case you're interested in thunderstorms; but the point is... I decided to try and keep it down on going out while the thunderstorms surround me. So, what is a guy to do when the weather doesn’t like to cooperate but it’s shutter finger is itching for some action? Well, you find something else to shoot.

Here’s a pic I took last time I found myself stranded in the hotel because it was raining cats and dogs outside:


I originally set my mind to go out and shoot the rain (somehow) from within an area of the hotel that would allow me to shoot the outside while remaining dry and safe (relatively) but said area was nowhere to be found. While looking for it though, I went to the stairs in the 4th (and last) floor of the hotel and while looking down I said “Hey, this would make a nice pic” so... went for it.

It was a change for me because, well, I mostly shoot outdoors and the lightning in the stairs was a little faint. I had to increase my ISO speed to 800 and shoot with burst mode to get a decent picture but I think it was worth it.

After that, I opened my mind to the idea of “Hey, maybe there are more things in the hotel I could take a shoot at” so I spent the rest of the evening inside and I had actually a nice time and a couple of interesting pics. Here’s a link to the flick set for the rest of the day: Bored in the hotel - Set

The moral of the story? Keep your eyes and your mind open, there are great things to be shot that we usually ignore or just take for granted. Take the chance to shoot something that might seem common, and maybe try an unusual way to shoot at it or from a different angle and you might end up with a nice shot and a story of how you got there ;)

Further reading on thunderstorms and precautions you should take:

‘Till next time.

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