Thursday, August 26, 2010

First post


This is my first post in my first blog. I've always respected bloggers, and I've admired from afar the people that put their time to try to share their experiences with the world but I never thought I would be one... actually, I still have my doubts.

The idea of committing time to a blog it's still weird to me. I barely have time for anything. For so many years now I've always lost... I mean, invested =) all my mornings in either school or work (sometimes both) and after it's been an array of passive activities like watching TV, surfing the web or playing video games... until recently. Now I've got a new hobby to fill in the blanks between work and sleep time: Digital Photography.

I've always liked taking pictures... never did take it too seriously though... and it was mostly something I did while on vacation or just for important occasions. About a year ago I got a DSLR as a present... along with a suggestion from my family to try to do something more fulfilling with my afternoons than finding new ways to sit on the couch or memorizing all the dialogs from the same TV re-runs I kept watching so... I went for it and here I am; a year later, thinking I can squeeze in more time in my afternoons to also try to post in a blog to share some of the "interesting stories" that have come up from the photo excursions I've done.

This blog is not only about me. It's actually the idea of my good friend Izildur (obviously, not a real name) who was the one that talked me into thinking I could find enough time to post photo-stories online... only time will tell if he was right... this might be my only post for months or might be the beginning of a new addiction that will keep me wishing for 34 hr days so I can get more than 4 hours of sleep daily so... here goes nothing.

'till next time there's nothing on TV (or I've got a memorable photo-story and time to post it).


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